My cousin and I decided to do a photoshoot to get rid of our boredom during the COVID19 pandemic. Since we couldn‘t leave the house, we both agreed that we would do a photoshoot indoors and I would just edit the photos for fun, and this is the result.

Before I commenced the photo manipulation process, I took the time to carefully consider the background for the image. I was inspired by the planet Tatooine, where Anakin Skywalker was born, and began searching for relevant stock images, such as BB-8, Star Wars fighter ships, the Resistance’s Starfighter jacket, and desert landscapes, as Tatooine is depicted as a purely desert planet.

With all of the necessary elements in place, I started the editing process in Photoshop. I applied color grading, adjusted the tone, matched the lighting and shadows, added filters, and utilized various effects to enhance the overall look of the image.